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Saturday, 8.25.18

Saturday, 9.1.18

Russian President acknowledges my Facebook posts

Selling physical products like technology, electronics, holiday gifts, and much more!

Welcome to our site. We will be creating more digital products soon so please return as we expand our business. 

We are an "America First" company. We buy and outsource only within  the United States of America. However, you may purchase our digital products or listen to our radio station even if you live outside of the U.S. Simply click to listen to the radio station or download our products. The process is entirely automatic.

Note: We do not have a physical location. We are a virtual "online" business only. You can purchase our products on our site through the web store and we will get back to you with estimated delivery times. Our products are "digital" products and do not require physical mailing unless you order our paperback books or other items, in which case we will mail them to you.

We sell our digital products worldwide but we only work with legal U.S. citizens and do not contract any work outside of the U.S. 

We have a very high work ethic and we make sure that everything we do is done in a way that is fair to everyone we deal with. We also follow all copyright laws and will only produce original material.

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